As a highly regarded papercutting artist, art has been an integral part of my life since a young age. Growing up in Pakistan, I had the incredible opportunity to immerse myself in the artistic world under the guidance of Sadequain, a renowned and respected artist. For five years, I would eagerly make my way to his house in F6/1 Islamabad, where I would observe his creative process, assist him, and absorb his artistic wisdom. This invaluable experience served as the foundation for my artistic journey.

It wasn't until my relocation to Australia in 2006 that I discovered my passion for paper cutting art. It all started with a simple moment shared with my five-year-old daughter. Upon expressing her boredom, I took a white piece of paper, folded it meticulously, and began delicately trimming the corners with a pair of scissors. As I unfolded the paper, a stunning sunflower emerged before our eyes. I was astounded by the beauty that could be unveiled through the art of paper cutting.

Over the past 12 years, I have dedicated myself to creating a diverse collection of art pieces, which have graced galleries across the globe and garnered national and international acclaim. I take great pride in the fact that I may be the only papercutting artist worldwide who focuses on Islamic stories, celebrating the rich heritage and teachings of Islam.

My artistic vision goes beyond aesthetics; it aims to foster connections and promote understanding. I strive to depict stories that transcend faith traditions, highlighting shared values and incorporating verses from the Quran that illuminate the essence of Islam. Every intricate detail in my designs invites viewers to engage deeply, encouraging them to ask questions and explore the themes I depict. Through my art, I hope to reveal the inherent beauty of my faith and dispel misconceptions surrounding Islam. For me, it's not solely about selling a piece of art; it's about sharing something inherently beautiful, forging connections, and leaving a positive impact on the world.

I am driven by the desire to build bridges of understanding through art, and I am committed to utilizing papercutting as a medium to connect diverse communities. My ultimate goal is to inspire dialogue, promote harmony, and create a lasting legacy of beauty and cultural appreciation.

Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey.

Awards and Auctions

August, 2023
Certificate of Appreciation - Pakistan Association of Western Australia

Two huge steel artworks 6 meters x 4 meters were Installed at Australian Islamic College, Perth.

Finalist of Australian Muslim Achievement Awards 2022 Finalists and Winners

Article about my papercutting art. Click on the below link to read about my art.
Garland Magazine

2021 2nd prize for Art For The Love Of Muhammad (PBUH) Islamic Arts Society, Houston, USA

Commissioned Artwork by :
Australian Army Museum of Western Australia

2019 Title: Kaswah Kabbah Purchased by : International Museum of Muslim Cultures – America’s first Muslim Museum

Auctioned artworks (One – 9500 USD and the other was on silent auction)
The Citizens Foundation, Washington – USA

Auctioned one artwork (10,000 USD )
The Concordia Forum (Canada)

2018 Winner of Open Category Award - Rockingham Arts Council, Rockingham, WA

Achievement Award - Pakistan Association of Western Australia

2017 All exhibited artwork was purchased by:

Comsats University – Islamabad
The exhibition was inaugurated by Australian High Commission to Pakistan.

2015 Title: Baab Al-Iman – Purchased by:

Islamic Museum of Australia – Melbourne

Highly Commended Art Award – Cossack Art Award
City of Karratha, WA

Rockingham Art Award
Australian Army Museum of WA
Achievement Award from Pakistan Association of WA



2023 - Muse Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan

2019 – St. John Anglican Church, Fremantle, Australia

2018 – Islamic Museum of Australia, Melbourne, Australia

2018 – Labyrinth Path Art Gallery , Medina, Western Australia

2018 – Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Perth, Australia

2017 – COMSATS Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan

2017 – COMSATS Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan

2017 – Kwinana Library, Kwinana, Australia

2015 – Rosewood Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2013 – Nomad Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan

2013 – Mountford Gallery, Pemberton, Australia

2012 – Kulcha Art Gallery, Fremantle, Australia

2002 – Omikron Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus

2002 – Sultan Art Gallery, Kuwait City, Kuwait

1987 – Rawalpindi Arts Council, Rawalpindi, Pakistan


2019 – The Concordia Forum, Blue Mountain, Toronto, Canada

2017 – Rockingham Arts Council, Rockingham, Australia

2016 – Muslim Life Style Show, London, United Kingdom

2014 – Mandurah Art Awards, Mandurah, Australia

2014 – Cossack Art Award, City of Karratha, Australia

2013 – Mandurah Art Awards, Mandurah, Australia

2012 – Mandurah Art Awards, Mandurah, Australia

2012 – Gadfly Gallery, Perth, Australia

2006 – Artisans Margaret River, Margaret River, Australia

2005 – Hunderkada Art Council, Islamabad, Pakistan

2003 – Omikron Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus

2002 – Lazurde Gold Jewelry Company, Saudi Arabia

2000 – Islamabad Arts Council, Islamabad, Pakistan

1999 – Sultan Gallery, Kuwait City, Kuwait

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