I offer both online artist talks and in-person papercutting art workshops. Please let me know which one you're interested in arranging.

Artist talks

If you're interested in arranging an online artist talk, please use the contact form to get in touch with me. During the talk, I'll showcase a selection of my papercutting artworks via Zoom and provide insights into my creative process. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, and can conduct the talk in either English or Urdu.

Workshop and training of papercutting art.

Please read through the following information and you can arrange a papercutting art workshop at your place.

In-Person Workshop: The workshop takes around 4 hours.

Beginner-friendly but also great for those with experience

I only hold online artist talks through Zoom.

I will email the organisers a pdf of the templates. Which should be printed on A4 colour paper.
Click here to view an example of the colour paper

As we will use sharp tools so I recommend that the participants should be above the age of 10.

The maximum manageable number of participants would be 15 to 20.

For an In-Person workshop: I charge 120 AUD per hour. One-hour setup and one-hour closing down will be charged additionally. So for a four-hour workshop, the total charges will be 720 AUD.

Note for organisers: All payments must be paid before the start of the workshops.

Direct Debit to Accounts:
Tusif Ahmad
Bank Name: Bank West
Bank West SWIFT or BIC Code : BKWAAU6P
BSB = 306-138
Account = 0030783

Yes, For in-person workshops, I provide a printed papercutting template.

a. Fiskars Softgrip Craft Knife
b. Fiskars No. 11 Craft Knife Blade Refills 5 Pack
c. Cutting matt
d. Pencil
e. Eraser
f. Sharpeners
g. Colour papers A4 and A3 sizes.

The cost of materials would be around 35 to 40 AUD per user.

The workshop organisers will provide these tools. For practice, I suggest after the workshop, all participants should keep their tools. They must be allowed to take a couple of templates with them as well.

All materials are provided when you will come to my studio. You will leave with your own unique paper art and the skills to continue this creative hobby at home.


My hourly rate is $80 USD, excluding transportation expenses. If you are inviting me to your country, please consider providing accommodations during my stay, such as a hotel arrangement or similar arrangements.

I suggest organizing the following workshops:

1. Workshop for children aged 8 to 15.
2. Workshop for males aged 16 to 35.
3. Workshop for females aged 16 to 35.
4. Workshop for males aged 36 to 65.
5. Workshop for females aged 36 to 65.
6. Workshop for individuals aged 65 and over.

Additionally, a teacher’s training workshop can be arranged specifically for local schools’ art teachers.

Average workshop participants could be from 20 to 30.

During the workshop, participants will create a unique style of papercutting, cutting layers of different papers to reveal designs. You do not have to have any artistic skills to do this workshop!! Although it would help if you have prior drawing skills. Come along and immerse yourself in this meditative, therapeutic art form and create your own artwork to take home. Please send me an email at contact@tusifahmad.com for more details.


Rekindling: Islamic Art – University of Western Australia – UWA
The CMSS secured a CAAR grant from the DFAT to send me to Morocco for training in traditional Islamic art.

March, 2019

Papercutting art workshop
Lawrence Art Gallery

July 2018

Papercutting art workshop
Rockingham Arts Centre – Rockingham

July 2017

Papercutting art workshop
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) – Perth

Papercutting art workshop
COMSATS University – Islamabad

Papercutting art workshop
South Perth Library – South Perth

Papercutting art workshop
Rockingham Art Council – Rockingham

Papercutting art workshop
Kwinana Council – Kwinana

Workshop Gallery

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA)

COMSATS Arts Gallery(2017) – Islamabad, Pakistan

South Perth Library


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