Tusif Ahmad


Title : Surah Fatihah
Size 50 X 50
Code : 13736



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There is no end to learning about Surah Al Fatihah. It is the most important Surah in the Quran, and we recite it many times daily in our prayers. We’ll try to understand the importance of this Surah in the light of different Hadiths.


Middle pattern of the artwork has islamic geometric design as well as outside of the design has domes representing mosques.


Meaning of Surah Al-Fatihah:

The beginning of Surah Al-Fatihah contains Allah’s praise for Himself by His most beautiful attributes and indicates to His servants that they too, should praise Him in the same manner.

It also mentions the Hereafter, which is the Day of Resurrection, and directs Allah’s servants to ask of Him, invoking Him and declaring that all power and strength comes from Him.

It also calls to the sincerity of the worship of Allah alone, singling Him out in His divinity, believing in His perfection, being free from the need of any partners, having no rivals nor equals.

Al-Fatihah directs the believers to invoke Allah to guide them to the straight path, which is the true religion, and to help them remain on that path in this life, and to pass over the actual Sirat (bridge over hell that everyone must pass over) on the Day of Judgment.

It also encourages performing good deeds, so that the believers will be in the company of the good-doers on the Day of Resurrection. The Surah also warns against following the paths of misguidance, so that one does not end up being gathered with those who indulge in sin, on the Day of Resurrection, including those who have earned the anger and those who were led astray. 

The whole Surah Al-Fatihah is a comprehensive dua/supplication so it is recommended to say Amin after finishing the recitation of Al-Fatihah.  Ameen means, “O Allah! Accept our invocation.”

Mother of Quran / The Book:

Surah Al-Fatiha or Surat Al-Fatihah, also known as ‘Ummul Quran’ and ‘Ummul Kitab’ meaning the ‘Mother of Quran’ and ‘Mother of the Book’ respectively, is the first Surah of Quran. It is called Umm Al-Kitab, because it lays the foundation to the entire Quran as the Quran starts with it and also prayer is started by reciting it.

Prayer is invalid without its recitation:

Following Hadiths shows the importance of reciting Surah Al Fatiah during prayer / salah. If you do not recite it in your prayer, then your prayer is incomplete and Allah does not accept incomplete prayers.


Allah responds to the believer:

How often do you talk to Allah? How often do you share your joys and sorrows with the almighty? What if I told you about the Surah in the Quran, where Allah responds to every verse you recite? A Surah, which you recite multiple times every single day, but you probably haven’t realized the magnanimity of it yet. Yes the Surah I am referring to you is Surah Al Fatihah in which Allah reply to you with every aya you recite.



To sum it up, Surah Al Fatiha is a powerful prayer between us and our Lord, where we invoke His most beautiful names, attest to His sovereignty, seek His help and guidance and ask Him to shower His blessings upon us.

So the next time you recite this Surah, remind yourself that for every verse you recite, Allah is responding to you right at that moment.





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